Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Make money voting for sites online

Social media sites are very popular in recent time with millions of registered users. These sites allow their users to submit web based contents, other users vote positive or negative for the content. Good content with high positive votes move to the front page of this site where it will gain more exposure.

Who wants to pay for your vote?
Webmasters and websites owners need traffic to their sites, because the more traffic a site has, will determine the success of the site. Website owner pay for votes to rank higher in the social media site because;

  1. It creates a buzz around their web base content
  2. Provide valuable backlines for free
  3. Makes their sites rank higher in the search engines, and
  4. Improve their Google page rank rating.

Subvert and Profit
Subvert and profit makes the link between the social media site users and site owner. Subvert and profit gives the website owners the opportunity to get thousands of votes from social media sites like you tude, Digg and stunble upon. Subvert and profit also provides social media sites users such as me and you get paid for our votes. Currently subvert and profit pays $1 per positive vote and they pay their members through paypal.


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