Saturday, August 6, 2011


Follow these steps carefully 
1. Download the latest version of your-freedom and install
2. Click on configure and input the following
 address www.mtnfootball.com
 mode http
 port 80
mark box 3,5,6,7
Minimum buffer=1500
Reconnection delay=5000
Initial post size=2000000
Minimum post size=1000000
FTP mode=both

3. open proxy setting put this
proxy address any of yf server i.e ems01.your-freedom.de
proxy port 8080

4. then save and exit
5. click on ports and use 8081 as webproxy
6. tick both socks4/5 and webproxy
7. Input you Account information in the account tap
8.Click on MESSAGE: Mark Auto Scroll and select DEBUG
9. Connect

  • Make sure your modem or phone is connected
  • connect your freedom and in your browser, use proxy port 8081


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