Sunday, October 28, 2012

Get Full-Time Income With WSO's? ($5917 in 7 days)

A Full-Time Income With WSO’s?
That’s right, literally anybody can do this, and I speak from experience on this as well…Because I have only been doing this since November. 

Here's the skinny: I got my first product up the 2nd week of November, which generated over $1500 in a week.

And launched my Perfect Product Creation WSO on December 14th, selling $2,457.49 to date (BTW, this WSOwas nothing more than a simple ebook).

That’s almost 5 figures in total sales in 7 weeks…And here’s the thing: these WSO’s continue to crank out sales for me every single day. 

Not bad for a washed-up carpenter who couldn’t find work to save his life in 2010!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Get SMS Job Updates/Alerts to your mobile directly Almost Free

This is a solution for unemployed youth in Nigeria.

Naija sms job alert service lets you know of new and fresh jobs in Nigeria fast and instantly on your mobile phone. GET THE RIGHT JOBS EVERYDAY & ANYWHERE NOW!

Save Time!Don't job hunt for hours lets do that for you while you do other stuff with your time!
Get Alerted of Jobs via SMS Everyday!
Know about jobs vacancies fast! Conveniently Jobs come to your cell phone anywhere you are!
Get Unlimited sms job alert for 3 months

This service is a job vacancy alert/notifying service where subscribed Job Seekers will be notified of job vacancies they are interested in via a SMS daily (unlimited SMS)

We also position you to empower yourself both online and offline with our bonus package worth over ten thousand naira (N10,000).  

Bonus List are: 

  1. How to setup a snail farm and make N50,000 monthly (N2,500) 
  2. How to start fish farming business and make N400,000 in 6 months (N2,500)
  3. How to invest at least $20 and get 8% in 15 days. 100% guarantee (N2,000) 
  4. How to trade FOREX binary options strategies: Video series (N5,000) 
  5. How to work part time online and make over $200 monthly (N3,000) 
  6. Access to download 100s of audio novels and motivational books

NOTE: These bonuses is strictly for those that register on or before 31st October, 2012.
 visit http://naijasmsjobalert.com/ for more info


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