Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to make money on Etsy (FREE EBOOK)

Successfully Selling Printables on Etsy

You'll have an entire system for creating and selling printables...

* The 2 mainstay rules that will help you produce art that actually sells, instead of art that just looks pretty. (Rule #2 is the main reason why good looking art doesn't always.)

4 Niches that ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS produce sales. (I've been sucessfully selling in these niches for 3-6 years. The demand never ceases.)

* How to come up with 100 printable art ideas in 90 minutes or less.

My "no-artisitic-skills-needed" SCI technique for creating printable art super fast. When you see this one, you'll be amazed that people are actually making money from something so incredibly basic.

* From nice to "Wow!" using _______ ________ _______ . I'll show you how easy it is on 5 different pieces of printable art.

The single most important Illustrator tool to understand. You can literally build an entire library of printable art if you know how to use this one tool.

* The 9+ options for developing your own personal style when it comes to quote(typography) printables. (This is actually how the super sellers become super sellers.)

TUTORIAL #1: A step-by-step brainstorm session for creating a quote print from scratch

TUTORIAL #2: How I created the deer print (seen above), even though my drawing skills are the equivalent of a first graders

* How to stylishly list your printable artwork on Etsy without having to take a single picture

* The 8 elements you must include in your Etsy description if you want happy customers who buy right away

Successfully Selling Printables on Etsy is 74 pages long, and I cut to the chase in every section.

This is my complete, time tested (6 years and counting) formula for creating an EASY passive income source on Etsy.

You won't find this information all over the internet. I've written this report for artistic novices and for those of you who are looking to diversify your internet marketing income in a niche that basically flies under the radar.

The good thing about this report is that I don't just tell you, "sell printables on Etsy." I show you HOW to make designs that sell. 


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Change Android IMEI Without Rooting

IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. The essence of changing your Android IMEI to that of a blackberry is to disguise your Android asBlackberry device so you can enjoy certain benefits associated with Blackberry devices down here, like cheap Blackberry Internet Subscriptions (BIS).
  1. Download ‘Mobileuncle Tools‘ from Google PlayStore
  1. Install it and Run/Open it
  1. Click ‘Engineer Mode’
  1. Click ‘Engineer Mode (MTK)’
  1. Now scroll your screen from ‘Right to Left’ side
  1. Now you should see ‘Connectivity as the Option Menu
  1. Click ‘CDS Information’
  1. Click ‘Radio Information’
  1. Now select the sim you wish to change it IMEI, Note Phone 1 is Sim 1 and Phone 2 is Sim 2
  1. As many MTK Device comes with 2sim, the Sim 1 is always set default to 3G enable
  1. Click ‘Phone 1′
  1. Now you should see AT+
  1. Now Type ‘EGMR=1,7”Your 15 digit BB IMEI’
  1. After typing that click ‘SEND AT COMMAND”
  1. You should see a Notification message displayed at the bottom of your phone screen, saying AT command is Msend

Note from the command line above, if you press the SEND AT COMMANDbutton after inputting on the command line as indicated and you get an error message, then rewrite the command line with a space in between AT and+EGMR i.e. AT(space)+EGMR=1,10,”Your 15 digit BB IMEI” so it will now look like this AT +EGMR=1,10,”Your 15 digit BB IMEI” and always remember to include the double opening and closing quotations on the IMEI part of the command line only as indicated.

Now without wasting time, follow the procedure listed below to change your Android IMEI.


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