Friday, March 27, 2009


virtual Money inc. is a company that make this possible using the service. You can not open an account with them directly, you can only go through their agent in your country. Visit their website to see list of agent located in your conutry (http://www.virtualmoneyinc.com/). For Nigerian, Virtual Money inc. agent is Spring Bank Plc.

STEP 1: visit spring bank's website on http://www.springbankplc.com/ and look for Virtual Money Card icon on the site and click on it.

STEP 2: Either of following is required to open an account with them
1. International passport and National ID card
2. International passport and Drivers License
3. Drivers license and National ID card.
read here for more info: http://www.springbank-plc.org/productdetail.asp?ID=1&Parent=3

STEP 3: The registration fee is $50, out of which $10 will be use to process your card and the balance will be use to fund your account. All these can be done within a day.

STEP 4: Open you are given your card (VMI Card), go to Virtual Money inc website to login your details. Here you will activate your account and that all.

If your card number is 17 digits, the last 10 digits is your US Account Number.

STEP 5: Go back to your paypal account and click on add a bank account.

STEP 6: To fund your paypal account which will enable you buy things online, simply buy dollars and pay at any spring bank into your VMI card. Then login into your paypal account and then add the fund from your usa account into your paypal account and automatically the money will be deducted from your usa bank account into your paypal account which you can now use to make payments.

STEP 7: To withdraw from your paypal simply withdraw from your US bank account.That means you will send the money from your paypal account into your usa bank account, that can be done by selecting the withdrawal option in your paypal

Once your US bank account has been loaded with money. Simply Look for a ZENITH bank and slot in your VMI card and withdraw your account in Naira cash.


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