Sunday, October 28, 2012

Get Full-Time Income With WSO's? ($5917 in 7 days)

A Full-Time Income With WSO’s?
That’s right, literally anybody can do this, and I speak from experience on this as well…Because I have only been doing this since November. 

Here's the skinny: I got my first product up the 2nd week of November, which generated over $1500 in a week.

And launched my Perfect Product Creation WSO on December 14th, selling $2,457.49 to date (BTW, this WSOwas nothing more than a simple ebook).

That’s almost 5 figures in total sales in 7 weeks…And here’s the thing: these WSO’s continue to crank out sales for me every single day. 

Not bad for a washed-up carpenter who couldn’t find work to save his life in 2010!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Get SMS Job Updates/Alerts to your mobile directly Almost Free

This is a solution for unemployed youth in Nigeria.

Naija sms job alert service lets you know of new and fresh jobs in Nigeria fast and instantly on your mobile phone. GET THE RIGHT JOBS EVERYDAY & ANYWHERE NOW!

Save Time!Don't job hunt for hours lets do that for you while you do other stuff with your time!
Get Alerted of Jobs via SMS Everyday!
Know about jobs vacancies fast! Conveniently Jobs come to your cell phone anywhere you are!
Get Unlimited sms job alert for 3 months

This service is a job vacancy alert/notifying service where subscribed Job Seekers will be notified of job vacancies they are interested in via a SMS daily (unlimited SMS)

We also position you to empower yourself both online and offline with our bonus package worth over ten thousand naira (N10,000).  

Bonus List are: 

  1. How to setup a snail farm and make N50,000 monthly (N2,500) 
  2. How to start fish farming business and make N400,000 in 6 months (N2,500)
  3. How to invest at least $20 and get 8% in 15 days. 100% guarantee (N2,000) 
  4. How to trade FOREX binary options strategies: Video series (N5,000) 
  5. How to work part time online and make over $200 monthly (N3,000) 
  6. Access to download 100s of audio novels and motivational books

NOTE: These bonuses is strictly for those that register on or before 31st October, 2012.
 visit http://naijasmsjobalert.com/ for more info


Monday, July 23, 2012

How to make money Trading Binary Options

One of the easiest way to make legitimate money online is the Binary Options.

There are many forms of trading available on binary options platforms. These includes; Forex, Commodities (e.g. Gold, Sliver, Oil, etc), Stocks and so on.

All you need to do to make money is to predict the prices of these market, maybe they will go up or down in either 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes or even a day. If you are correct you gain between 50% to 75% of your investment.

Download these free Ebooks to get you started
If you are a novelist in Forex trading. Download this free ebook to get you started
Download a free FOREX binary option system

NOTE: It is advisable to firstly open a practice account. Follow the link below to open a demo account and start trading today.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Browsing free with MTN blackberry using PD proxy

Few days ago MTN has block the use of ultrasurf and freegate with blackberry subscription, here is another better, faster and more reliable solution.    It is PDproxy.    PDproxy is the best; it is a fast and secure VPN service.    It is one of the most affordable VPN service online. 

To use PD proxy with MTN blackberry and other blackberry services in Nigeria all you need do is:
* subscribe for the blackberry subscription
* Configure your modem thus;
                               Apn- blackberry.   net
                               Password/username: web
* visit www.pdproxy.com to register and download (its free)

The free account is limited to 3Gig / month but the premium account is unlimited.    With very cheap affordable plans of 1 month, 3 months or six months you can upgrade to the premium and pay with liberty reserve.    Pd proxy has many servers allocated to different activity online, e.   g.    they have servers for gaming, torrent, applications and so.    One of the most interesting thing about Pd proxy is that their speed is not limited on the free 30 day trial, the speed is totally dependent on the GSM network you are using

Visit www.pdproxy.com to download pd proxy


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drive thousands of uniques/day in 1 month from google image

First i would like to say i have never revealed my method of driving thousands of uniques/day from google in only a month from site creation but i would like to build my reputation on this forum as it would help generate me sales. I know after i post this someone is going to end up publishing an ebook a day later; if that’s the case you can at least thank me and/or buy me a beer right?
Anyways here it goes. The key to driving massive amounts of traffic is google image search. There is far less competition with google image searches so its easier to land a top spot. The only thing google really uses for image search placement is the actual filename of the image (what else would they use?). So pick a niche, we’ll do backgrounds. Download yourself a google image scraper and scrape the first 5 pages for search terms such as “desktop background” “high-res background” “nature wallpaper” etc. Since google mostly looks at the filename….all the images you’re scraping already have keyword rich/optimized filenames. Now categorize these images by folder and get a php directory listing script. Upload the content and BAM you now have a fully functional website with thousands of images that drive your traffic. Put up some adsense and you’re golden. Make it look legit and offer thumbnail views and maybe an image search. This method drives me literally thousands of uniques/day within a month from creating the website. This has been my best kept secret until now so if it works for you (which it definitely will) then buy me a beer!
I don’t want to post screenshots of my webmaster panel because i dont want to disclose any of my personal information such as my url but i’m placed on over 6000 search terms. I’ve been doing this for years!!
For those who have been asking; I use a script on a site called “evoluted“. I’ve been getting a lot of pm’s but my account is too new to answer so yahoo me: disklamerx
As for the google image scraper: Use a program called “Multi Image Downloader
this means that the “alt” text of an image has much less impact than the actual file name
here are a few other factors:
  1. Images must have width & height attributes set
  2. Image alt & title tag
  3. Factors pertaining to the page the image is on (page title, text, etc.)
  4. Text associated with the image – Google detects this the following way:
    1. Text inside the same
      with the image if that
      is floated (has CSS float property)
    2. Text in the same if the image is in a element
  5. Also, it seems that you are better off to make all unimportant images not look interesting to google. That means all the interface/design related images should have empty alt attribute and a filename that is not a keyword.
  6. On pages where you have multiple images targeting the same word, you should not name them something like keyword-1.jpg – keyword-100.jpg but something like keyword-some-useful-info-about-the-picture.jpg (e.g. car-wallpaper-black-bmw-m6.jpg , car-wallpaper-black-bmw-m6-front.jpg).
  7. You should also have ONE image that you optimize to rank for root/category keywords (e.g. car-wallpapers.jpg)
To add some nitro to getting the links indexed quicker, Like a member mentioned above is to write a short KEYWORD OPTIMIZED POST (100-200 words) before the images to help google serve you more higher paying adds.
PING The Post THEN turn the post into an RSS feed, then submit the RSS feed to feed aggregators (RSS SUBMIT), this accomplishes two things: 1.Indexed Quicker 2.EVEN MORE Traffic


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