Wednesday, September 24, 2008

GET YOUR FREE STUFF (Books, CDs, DVDs, T-shirt, …..)

The internet is a world of opportunities and possibility. Many companies gives away free stuff worth million of dollars every year to people all over the world, although those in European countries (especially US) are more privilege than those of us in other part of the world.

You might be wondering while these companies spend so much giving away stuffs for free the reason is simple. Before I go into that, you should know that these stuffs are mostly Christian stuffs (which are not for commercial purposes), the purpose for giving those away is to spread the gospel and some people have take it upon themselves to do that. On the other hand those that are for commercial purpose are given away for advertisement. So that customers can try out this stuff and when they enjoy it they will be motivated to purchase more. And that is while those in Europe are more privilege because they are closer to these companies and they are the targeted customer of these companies.

Now, one site that is a directory of free stuff is my review for this week. There are many categories of free stuffs on this site, but the link below is for free stuffs that can be redeem worldwide. The picture above is a proof of one of those stuffs I have received from US without paying a dime. Check out the site click on the stuff you want and fill out the form with your contact address in your country you should receive it at least in two months. Enjoy you free stuff at least it’s FREE.



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