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(1) An email: A free email like yahoo email is okay.
(2) A liberty reserve account: you can open that by going to
http://www.libertyreserve.com/?ref=U7225879 , it is free and easy to open, they
allow all country.
(3) Load your liberty reserve account with around $10
We are going to use a non – European address and non- European
Virtual Visa Card in the registration and verification of the paypal
account. We get any non- European address that paypal accepted the
country and also get a non – European virtual card from www.Virtual–
Go to www.virtual-cc.com, click on the card for paypal verification and
then choose non-European card
? Type the amount of unit you want to buy and put your
This is the email they are going to send the detail of your card,
click on calculate price
Then you click the link to buy the card through Liberty
reserve, follow the process of paying through the
liberty reserve, the card presently is $7.50, so your
liberty reserve account will be charged with $7.50
? In about an hour the card detail will be sent to your email, you
have to use this card within 24hrs.
? Get a non – European address, look for a non-European address
of a country that paypal accepts and use it in your registration
with paypal.
? Go to www.google.com type the yellow page of a non-European
country that paypal accepts e.g. china yellow page.
? A list of links from google comes up, choose a link that has to do
with addresses of businesses.
? It will now demand that you should put the category of business
address you are looking for, just type computer stores or
salons etc, to give us addresses of these businesses.
? Use the detail address of any of the addresses that comes up in
your registration with paypal.
? You can use any of the address below, just change the number of
the address so that it will not be completely identical with another
Address : 248 Xizang Zhong Road
City : Shanghai
Zip Code : 200001
State : Shanghai
Country : CHINA
Phone : +86 21 6122 8888
Address : 62 Fuxi Street
City : Taiyuan
Zip Code : 030002
State : Shanxi
Country : CHINA
Phone : +86 351 868 9292
After the detail of the visa credit card has arrived in your email go to
www.paypal.com to start your registration.
? Never do anything with paypal with an IP of a country that
paypal does not accept, so you have to use a proxy site or
anonymizer to hide your IP, you can use www.ninjacloak.com,
www.skweezer.com, www.vtunnel.com .
? In the
search box given, type www.paypal.com and click search or
enter on your keyboard.
? When you get to paypal site, click on signup
? Choose China for example as your country and choose premium
as type of account and continue.
? Fill the other detail, you can use your normal name, type the
email and password you want to be using for your paypal account,
use the address detail you have gotten above to fill the form, the
number in the address is the post code, put the city and the state
and then put China as the country of citizenship. Fill every other
part of the form and click sign up at the bottom.
? When you finish this session don’t go further, go straight to your
email and confirm your email before coming back to put your
virtual card.
You still need to do two things
1. To confirm your email.
2. To verify your account by adding a card.
? You will need to hide your IP when you are accessing
your email
to confirm your paypal email because by clicking the link paypal
sent to you, you will be re-directed to paypal website and if you
don’t hide your IP when accessing your email, paypal will
discover your real IP and limitation will be placed on your
? So, first type www.ninjacloak.com , then in the search box type
the website of your email like www.yahoomail.com and then enter
your email, when you get to your email, click on the email sent to
you by paypal, when you get to the email, click on confirm your
email, it will demand for you password, put it and get your email
? Login into your paypal account and go ahead and click on the
“Link and confirm my Debit or Credit Card“ to add the Visa
Virtual card and get verified. Don’t forget to hide your IP.
? Fill the form with the detail of the Card sent to your email.
? Card Type:- Choose Visa
? Card Number:-
Add the card number
? Card Verification Number: Add the CVV2 Number.
? Check the “Use this Address as billing address” To use the
address you used in filling the form for your billing address.
? Click on “ Add card”
? Your card will be added to your account but it will be demanding
for the 4 digit number. Go to www.virtual-cc.com, at the top of
the site you will see Expuse Number, in the space there type your
card number and the email you use when buying the card i.e the
email they send the card detail to, and click on send request, you
will be told that a notification will be sent to your email when
your Expuse Number is ready.
? Be checking your email, that notification will be sent under
30mins, after you have seen the notification, go back to the site
www.virtual-cc.com and re-type your card number and your
email and click on send request and instantly you will see
something like XXXX
PAYPAL the XXXX represent the 4 digit
number you are looking for which would be use for your final
stage of verifying your account.
? Go to www.paypal.com again and sign in with your email and
password (Don’t forget to always go through a proxy e.g.
? Look for a link to supply your 4 digit number, click on it and add
the 4 digit number gotten above.
? Immediately you add it you will see that your account would have
been verified.
1. Get email Address.
2. Get a liberty reserve account & load it.
3. Get a non-European virtual card with www.virtual-cc.com
4. Get a Non – European Address
5. Fill a paypal premier account
6. Confirm your email
7. Add the virtual Card to your account
8. Add the 4 digit number.
If all the pre-exquisite are available it doesn’t take more than 2hrs



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