Thursday, March 5, 2009


The best way to make money from a blog is through payperpost programs, bloggers make over $1000 per month doing PPP. What is pay per post? This is a system where site owner pays a blogger to write a review about his/her site and payment is made per post.
Blogitive is a marketplace site where blogger can earn extra income writing reviews and at the same time site owners can buy reviews to increase their site traffic and page ranking. Blogitive system is powered by USweb. Their website is easy to use and bloggers could earn around $5 and above depending on your blog traffic and page rank. Blogitive have additional ways bloggers could earn extra income, these are-:

*NEWSNERVE : This gives bloggers the opportunity to place latest news headlines on their blog and get paid when users click on the headline.
*GHOST BLOGGING : Bloggers are paid to write a blog posting for a corporate blog.
*COMMENT MODERATION : Corporate blogs hire bloggers to accept or deny comment base on their relevance.

Blogitive main require the following:-
1. You must update your blog regularly.
2. Your blog must be at least 3 months old.
3. Your blog must be indexed by google and yahoo.
4. Must have at least 3 postings in a week.
5. Must recieve some level of traffic.



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