Tuesday, February 3, 2009

essentials for successful internet market and online business

I sat down and ask myself what makes the difference between those that are successful and those that are not. The reasons for this are not far fetching. There are millions of internet marketer and billions of business owners but only few out of these make money on the internet, where there is billions of dollars up for grasp. Then something comes to my mind “PRINCIPLES”. Yes, principles there are laid down principles that must be follow to be successful online.

Principle is a law, a rule or a theory that things is based on. Principle is also a general or a scientific law that explains how things work or why things happen. There are principle of physics, chemistry, geology and many others. For instance, rainfall, before there can be a rainfall there will are principle that must take place for the rain to fall. There must be sun, evaporation and then condensation. Violation of any of this rule will drought.

The principles of online business and internet marketing must be learn and apply appropriately for success to be achieve. Before these principles can be applied you must setup an office space.

setting up an office space
Your office space must be use exclusively for your business and should be setup to suite your need. The following are some of the office tools that must be in your office space;

• Desk and Chair: there must be a comfortable sitting chair and the desk must accommodate you computer, printer and have a shelf.
• Computer Equipment: you must have a good computer system, scanner and printer.
• Internet connection: you must have your own personal internet connection.

principles of online marketing
• Desire: You must have a very strong desire to be successful on the internet. Someone said a white hot desire is ok. Desire success desire money and you shall get it.

• Goal setting: set your goal and put them down on paper, let it have a time frame and don’t set them to high. Set both short and long term goals.

• Self-Discipline: You have to take the business very serious and be hard working because lazy people will earn noting on the internet

• Organizational Skill: In an organized settings success is paramount and inevitable. Create list of things you want to accomplish during the day.

• Your business plan: This is an important part of any business both online and offline. This plan includes a step by step guide to assist you. It includes; business summary, objectives, identifying your target market, identifying your competition, how to advertise and so on.

• Creativity: All existing marketing techniques need some more creativity to enhance your output. The fact is that where the real money is online is creativity (new ideas). There was a young guy who wanted to raise one million dollars. After along thought, he setup a website, selling small space for advertisement and called it Million Dollar Page. He was able to raise the money. Only one idea can make the difference.


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