Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free Step By Step Guide To Opening A US Bank Account!

There are 2 US bank accounts that will open an account for a non-resident. They are:

1. Wells Fargo Bank
2. The 'other' Bank (this is the real deal)

In this thread, I'm going to share with you the information on how you can open an account with Wells Fargo. If you're interested in opening an account with the 'other' bank, please visit my website:

You should also know in advanced that you cannot use your Wells Fargo bank account for PayPal and other eCommerce solutions. If you want PayPal / 2CO / AdSense support you should open an account with the 'other' bank here:

Let's begin,

To open the account as a foreigner (non-resident alien), you need to go to https://www.wellsfargo.com/inatl/consumer_services/personal_banking?_requestid=60506. Follow these instructions:

1. Go to Wells Fargo's website, fill up the online application form
and print it out.

2. You will be given another few forms to print out, including the
signature card and the service agreement

3. You will need the most recent 3 months bank statements and 2
bank reference letters from your local bank.

4. You will need to verify your signature. To verify your
signature, you should:

1. Have your local bank send SWIFT message type 199 to
Wells Fargo, or,
2. Verify your signature by San Francisco IPB office, or,
3. Notarized your signature by US Embassy or Consulate.

For choice #1, You're lucky if message type 199 is available in
your local bank. Most of the bank officers have never heard of
SWIFT message type 199 before!

For choice #2, If you live near San Francisco, you wouldn't have
visited my website. You could visit any Wells Fargo bank directly
since you are already in the US!

For choice #3, This is the only "convenient" way, given that you
live near the consulate. It will cost you a fee to certify your
document (should be around $20/document). You will need to drop
off your document at the embassy and come back to collect it a
few days later.

Please note that the Wells Fargo service agreement stated that you can not use the bank account for PayPal and other eCommerce solution. Make sure you read it carefully.

If you think this bank is too hard for you, you should consider opening your account with the "other" bank. I have an account with this bank already and opening an account with them is extremely easy.

1. You do not need to prepare bank statements
2. You do not need to prepare bank reference letter
3. You do not need to verify your signature
4. You do not need to pay the embassy to verify your signature
5. You do not need to wait a few months before your account is opened
6. It will work with PayPal.
7. You get a free platinum VISA debit card.



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