Thursday, July 17, 2008


WireTap is the Webby-winning news and culture magazine by and for young people interested in social change. Wiretap magazine has contents, such as the education system, juvenile justice issues, and declining social mobility to name a few. We also provide a national platform for young community organizers and student activists to articulate their own vision and connect it to their work.

WireTap pays young people for unique style writing for their publication. Read more on their website. If your writing is publish. WireTap payments vary from $50-250 per story depending on the amount of reporting and analysis.

Steps to Submit your own writing

1. The first step is to subscribe to WireTap weekly newsletter. Reading the stories in the newsletter will help you get a sense of the kinds writing they publish and issues they cover.

2. Follow this links and read their code of ethics click here.

3. Send a paragraph of between 3-to-5 sentences of your story idea to Submissions@WireTapMag.org before you get started on your piece. Include a resume and two writing samples or links to your work..


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